Resurrection Exhibition | Farm Street Jesuit Church | 28-30 April 2017





Curating and hanging show with St Patricks Studios team and Hurtado Jesuit Centre. Exhibiting four works: Supper at Emmaus, egg tempera, 2017; Annunciation, oil on board 2017; Descent into Hell, 2017; Baptism of Christ, pencil on paper, 2016

‘To give a taste of the Resurrection is to give the invitation of restoration that God offers everyday to all humanity. The Hurtado Centre’s Resurrection Exhibition has at its heart the ambitious goal of inviting people into an experience of the Resurrection itself, to taste what it is like to be restored in the fullness of humanity. If it succeeds even to some extent, it will have been more than worthwhile.
Artists from many different Christian and artistic backgrounds have contributed works that convey the history of salvation of which the Resurrection is the culmination. We hope that the richness of their work will give a felt sense of the beauty of the Resurrection. Art has a special vocation to show forth truths which words alone are inadequate to express. As Pope Benedict XVI said:
‘Reason alone as it’s expressed in the sciences can’t be man’s complete answer to reality, and it can’t express everything that man can, wants to, and has to express. I think God built this into man. Art along with science is the highest gift God has given him.” (Salt of the Earth: The Church at the End of the Millennium, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 1997, p. 47)’


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