Easter 2019


Candles for the Basilica of Our Lady of Walsingham – Christ in Glory and Crucifixion from the Harley Bible; Our Lady & St Catherine of Sienna in Bow – Noli Me Tangere from Livre d’Images de Madame Marie Belgian (Hainault); and a baptisimal candle with the icon of St Helen mother of Constantine

Camaradas |Menior Gallery | 12 – 16 March 2019


Camaradas 2019. Reprising the format of 2017 Mike and Giuseppe paint each others mothers. They won a Pebeo sponsored painting prize for their entry entitled ‘Your Mum’.

‘The artists have previously presented gold double portraits of one another painted in the technique and codified style of Byzantine Icon painting. Retaining this format they now paint each other’s mother. A planned progression of Anglo-Mexican portraits might include attention to artifacts, national costume and materials communicating cultural, tribal, or national identity. With these in mind the label ‘Your Mum’ wholeheartedly embraces the maternal insult and universal playground taunt in which the same points of celebration are as likely to equally challenge our insecurities.’