The Merciful Father | Our Lady & St.Catherine of Siena RC Church | February 2017

Installing the Merciful Father, Our Lady St Catherine of Siena RC Church, Bow, London E3

Fr Javier expressed great satisfaction with the arrival of the Merciful Father to Bow, describing the work as “a generous gift which enhances the beauty of our Church”. Contemplating the eventual location of the canvas above the confessional  he writes “…the painting speaks about the mercy of God the Father. It is telling  that the only place we could hang a 11ft by 9ft painting is over the door of the confessional. It seems that looking at this painting and reflecting  on God’s embrace of us is the step before receiving that same loving embrace of the Father through sacramental reconciliation”.

For information on opening times or to view visit:  Our Lady & St Catherine of Siena, 177 Bow Road, London E3 2SG